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actually sehun
05 June 2028 @ 12:48 pm

comment to be added?
I guess so. Tell me your name or whatever.

No random adds, please.
Well yeah okay, random adds are welcome so long as we share the same interests ^^

This is not an intro post, lol.

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actually sehun
21 May 2013 @ 07:43 pm
loljk hi guys, this isn't a guide per se because... i just ramble mostly. i've bought a few stuff over the years from a number of shops, so if this guides or helps you in anyway, i'll consider my money well-spent ((kidding lol i do it for oppa and my own satisfaction)) i'm also doing this because i see a lot of shops on facebook opening pre-orders for exo's new album (that doesn't even have an official tracklist yet omg ok) and some of them look kind of... iffy. i'm not saying they aren't to be trusted, but with the boom of kpop in the philippines it's hard to tell which sellers can be trusted and which ones... not so much. we all shell out an unbelievable amount for the idols we like so we should at least make sure they're going to oppar/unnir y/y?! so here you go ok :)))))


also this is to be updated, when i think of more shops i've bought from :)))

kpop merch

click hihiCollapse )
other stuff

click p2 lmaoCollapse )
actually sehun
15 June 2010 @ 09:11 am
Not so much a fanaccount since I'm still wallowing in jealousy over that one back-up dancer that got to grind to not only one, but three (fucken three man, srsly) U-KISS members. One of which was Kiseop rftdasfads

But that picture above made my night. Lee Kiseop, I love you ♥ :)))))))
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actually sehun
11 April 2010 @ 12:41 am

and this

pretty much made my night.

And the fact that a newfound friend and I got sprayed by Eeteuk's holy water :DD
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actually sehun
26 March 2010 @ 11:09 pm
HAHAHAHA U-KISS EARLIERRRR! :DDD Boys were awesome, I was pleasantly surprised :D I thought they'd sound different once they'd perform live, but no :> Everyone was osm, hahaha.

Soohyun sounded REAAAALLY good :D And everyone was really nice (they gave osm fanservice like idek XD They smiled, waved and made hearts to everyone, even to people not in the autograph signing session) :D

But getting to the happy parts wasn't an easy process.

I arrived at Megamall around 10.30 am, because I wasn't expecting that a lot of people would show up. Lo and behold, the line for the cds went up to the second farking floor, like wtf. The event place was in the upper ground floor, so yeah :)))))))

Kat arrived around 1pm, cause she had to go an embassy in Makati to take care of some stuff. I tried to get her to cut in line (I KNOW, LE GASP! BUT DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES), but we were good people so we didn't XD

Our call number was 410 and 411. We met some nice people along the way :D We have new friends now, hahaha.

So anyway, inside this box it's really tight, because duh, more than 400 people were already in there before us.

It's pretty boring up until U-KISS arrives, because everyone was getting impatient and pushing and whatnot. It got so stuffy to the point that I almost couldn't breathe because everyone from the back was trying to get to the front and the people in the front, of course, won't have any of that, hahaha.

There was a point when I had my d90 above my head, and I couldn't move any more because it was that tight, like idek.

Although at first we were around the middle-ish, I managed to push myself towards the front, also thanks in part to the insistent pushing of the people behind me, to where the barriers were. YES, FANGIRL POWERS ARE OSM THAT WAY ;DDD

They performed Binggeul Binggeul first :D Lucky host had U-KISS hug her T0T

Then I forgot the title of the song, but they performed it WITH A BUNCH OF LUCKY FANS. The organizers had chosen the girls before the event started, and they gave the boys roses. Which the boys returned, hahahaha. AND THEY HELD HANDS WITH THEM DSAFDASF Soohyun had his arms around two, and then Kiseop, who is so osm and cute and pretty and everythang, made this train (I'm sorry, I fail, I forgot what it was called D:). I ENVIED THE GIRL SO MUCH BECAUSE SHE GOT TO PUT HER HANDS ON KISEOP'S WAIST DASFDASFAS

Kevin was really cute the whole time, and near the end of the song, he knelt down (YES, KNELT) in front of the girl and gave her the rose T0T

And then afterwards they performed As Long as You Love Me ;; With all 7. SOOHYUN, I CANNOT STOP PRAISING HIM, HE'S REALLY GOOD AT LIVE PERFS. FORSHIZZLE. Like while performing they were all really in character (I mean, for all songs, not just ALAYLM) with smirks and everything. I WAS SO PROUD.


So anyway, after that, they performed I Like You. But how they got to perform was a sort of cute story :> Because before they performed they were all, ManManHani is our last song you guys. And we're like NOOOOOOO~ And then when they got into position to perform the song, I Like You started playing and they were like LOLing XD They performed it with Kiseop too :>

They performed a song without Kiseop though; can't remember what it was.

So after ManManHani was my most anticipated part of the event: THE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING~!


Before the autograph signing though, Kiseop, Eli and Kibum went out first XD There was this one time when the girl beside me shouted Kiseop's name and the looked towards us and made blowfish faces BUT SILLY PABO ME FORGOT TO TURN ON THE DSLR AND MISS THE PRECTION SHOT ASDFDASFA

Remember how Kat and I were 410 and 411? Well, Diana (xxtranscendence ) was there and she had an extra number. At first I wasn't going to take it, but when this other girl started to say she was gonna buy it instead I cut in and I was like, NO OKAY I'LL BUY IT. I feel like such a bitch for doing that but WHATEVER. It's not like we were gonna see each other again and THIS WAS U-KISS. THE ONE I STOOD IN LINE FOR TWO HOURS. AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE EMPTY-HANDED AND WITHOUT THEIR SIGNATURES.

But I felt kind of guilty because of Kat D: I left her and I'm so sorry bb but............. DDD:

So I get in line (#43 nao, hahaha) and then we walk onstage where U-KISS was signing autographs (I saw the girl from earlier, hahaha XD She was looking at me like you bitch hdu) and Dongho was first in line :>

He was really cute, but he looked really sort of tired. Like, the tired a 15-something year old should not be having. But nonetheless he smiled at everyone and once I got to him I was like, "Annyeonghaseyo!" and he greeted me back :D He was quick, and after he signed he passed my cd onto Eli.

Now this is where I so totally love my life and all regret of having being a bitch earlier washed away, because as Eli was signing he was like, "What's your name?" I didn't hear him ask anyone else, or if it was just me but I told him what it was. Then he said, "Lina?" Which I heard as "Nina" so at first he signed my album To Lina. I had moved on (sort of) to Kibum when I saw he had misspelled my name so I was like, "Actually it's Nina, but that's cool too XD" And then he was like, "Nima?" And I replied, "No, Nina" And then he went OHHH NINA, so he erased the L and replaced it with an N, hahahaha.


So I'm in front of Kibum and Kiseop (♥♥♥) now and I said, now's the time Nina, say what you need to say.

So I say to the both of them "일집은 청말 짱이에요~!" which translates to "Your first album is really great!" and then Kibum and Kiseop go OOOOHHHHHHH! And point to me like I'm a rare kind of whatnot and Kibum says, Your Korean is really good! I say thank you in Korean And because he's done with my album he passes it on to Kiseop XD

Before, with Dongho, I held out my hand first for them to shake.


After Kiseop is Kevin who's really pretty *0* He said hi and I said hi back XD He held out his hand too :> Which I gladly shook, hahahaha.

After Kevin is Alexander, who before even signing my album went "You speak Korean??" in a sort-f oh-my-gahd-you-can-speak-Korean kid of way and I'm like, "Jogeum," which translates to "A little" And like Kiseop and Kibum he went OHH~ as well XD He wrote "Good Korean ^^" under his sign XD

Last is Soohyun who was really nice as well :> He asked me what my age was and I was like, I'm 18 :D Random question, LOL XD But he was really nice and smiled really big while signing :>

THE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING WAS OSMMMMM. But the organizers cut it off around 200 or sth, so Kat didn't get to have an autograph D: It's really unfair, because they kept on selling until around 900++ cds.

I stood for a good 8 hours. No food, no water, no rest. But it was all worth it :> Kat's sleeping over tonight, hahaha XD


obligatory KeMaru :>

Dongho, LOL idek XD
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actually sehun
07 March 2010 @ 02:23 pm
That's what Seunghyun looked for first in a girl, apparently. sdafasdfsd More on that later XD

OHMYGAHD FTISLAND IS SO OSM I SWEAAAARRRR. They sound the same as the recordings, even more awesome, if that's possible. HAHAHAHA.

So anyway, I left the condo around 2.30-ish, got to the Starbucks place around 3.45 and then when Kristine arrived we went to the PICC :>

When we got there around 4.30 there were already a lot of people milling around, haha. I was like, we look so out of place since we're the only ones not with a group or sth XD

We bought pentasticks :> We were both like, WHERE DID THEY GET THOSE PENTASTICKS? Good thing we decided to go explore, haha, because the booth selling the merchandise wasn't in the lobby. Hotdamned pentasticks, 450PHP EACH IDEK. They made a fortune off the pentasticks alone, much less all the other stuff (they had planners, calendars, blankets, figurines and albums for sale. Damn I wanted them all HAHAHAHA) they had for sale.

So once we got our sticks we went back to the lobby, because we weren't allowed to loiter in the place where the merch was being sold XD


We were waiting in line to get into the hall for around an hour? I think. Damn it I was like DUUUUDES LET US IN PRZ IT'S REALLY HOT OUT HERE :)))))))

And it's really funny cause while we were in line, about 30 minutes later, some people were arriving and I guess the crowd thought it was FTI and then they all randomly started screaming. I must admit, even though I'm not proud, that I screamed with them too :)))))

Finally, after like, an hour in line we get into the hall. Saw Sugar unnie (UNNIE I WANT YOUR JOB, IF YOU HAVE OPENINGS YOU CAN CALL/TEXT/IM/SHOUT AT ME OKAY :)))))))) because she was an usher for the event T0T

Inside it's cold, and we were 5 rows away from the stage. I LOVED OUR SEATS FUCK YEAH :))))))) Then we waited for another 15 or so minutes and this ajusshi comes out and starts giving away prizes. We were like OHMYFUCKINGGOODNESS HOORAY but then he said it was gonna be GCs and broadband whatever :)))))) AND THEN HOORAY THEY SAY THE NEXT ONE'S GONNA BE FOR AUTOGRAPHED POSTERS. BUT ALAS, I DID NOT GET ONE. Hahahaha.

Grace Lee (apparently we hear her everyday; I don't LOL) came on stage and then taught us how to say mabuhay welcome to the Philippines FTIsland in Korean BUT IT WAS FAIL WHEN THE BOYS CAME ON LOLZ. Hongki even said, "what?" :))))))))

I don't even know what happened after she taught us that because next thing I know I'm fricken screaming my head off because FTISLAND FINALLY FINALLY COMES ONNNNN.

They performed around 3 songs (IDEK how many songs they performed because I was seriously too busy screaming/waving my pentastick like crazy/jumping up and down) before Grace Lee came back onstage to greet the Jonghun happy birthday HAHAHAHA.

Ohmygahd I swear Jaejin and Seunghyun have their own little world :)))) While Grace was asking Jonghun and Hongki questions they were whispering to each other :))))))))

She had asked them a question about what they looked at first in a girl, and Hongki and Jonghun both had the same answer - "THE CHEST. TO SEE IF THEY'RE WELL-ENDOWED" and I LOLed after that HAHAHAHA. But they said they weren't perverts :)))))) Jaejin said his was the eyes and I'm like THIS BOY KNOWS HIS ANSWERS hahahahaha. And then it  was Seunghyun's turn (bb you were far away WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT WHYYYYYYYYY) and he gave it a second's thought and said a single word that made me go poof -


I didn't even hear what Seunghyun said after that comment because I was like wailing inside (HAHAHAHA) but I burst out laughing because Hongki ran over and decided to abuse Seunghyun :)))))))))

After that I was like woah girl, I think you're forgetting something. GO ASK MINHWAN, MINHWAN OKAY. I CAN'T SEE HIM BECAUSE HE'S BEHIND THE DRUMS ALL THE TIME, I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOU SKIP HIM. Thankfully Grace Lee gets our cries of "MINHWAN. GO ASK MINHWAN" and Minhwan ♥♥♥ gets out from behind his drum set to answer the question. His answer was eyes as well :> ♥


I swear Jonghun is so fricken pretty IDEK. I was like dammit AMPOGI MO JONGHUN. I wasn't really a fan until today BUT YOU CONVERTED ME, I SWEAR YOU DID :))))))) When he realized that every time the camera would zoom in on him we would scream, he did these IDK cute things HAHAHAHAHA.

Hongki is so good ;____; He wore the same outfit as he did in that MV of theirs which had this 50s-60sish feel to it (I fail, I can't remember the title) The boy made me so proud, because he was coughing every time he took a swig of water. But his vocals were really good; he's such an awesome performer. BOY KNOWS HOW TO GIVE FANSERVICE, I SWEAR. He makes eye contact with the audience, with random people (ohmygahd I swear there was this one time I KNEW HE SAW ME. I was so fricken convinced that he was looking at Kristine and I that I made this heart with my hands above my head. How I achieved that with a pentastick in one hand and a camera in another is now beyond me HAHAHAHA) and goes over to the edge of the stage to get closer to us ♥

Plus when it was time for Primadonna (their last song ;__________;) he asked for pentasticks, which I first thought he was saying "FANTASTIC" but then I was like OOOOHH PENTASTICKS OKAY :)))))) Kristine was like, ohmygahd I WANT HIM TO GET MINE TOO. I looked and her and I said, you want to give up 450php? Sorry girl :)))))))

HE DID THIS BALLERINA-LEAP ACROSS THE STAGE WITH PRIMADONNA :))))) And then after they sang "Still/As Ever" he suddenly said "JOLIIIEEEEE" AND WE JUST ABOUT DIED :))))))) His expression when he heard our screams was a mixture of.......... I don't know :)))))

LOL EVERYTIME SEUNGHYUN WOULD RAP/SING I'D SCREAM LIKE CRAZY :)))))))) I'd always have a late reaction because I couldn't see him since he was on the other side of the stage from where I was and then when I'd see him I was always a second late :)))))))

Jaejin was so awesome in Raining ;_______; He and Hongki just IDEK sdafasdfsd AWESOME.

Anyway I don't have that many pictures :))))) The ones I posted here were my best ones HAHAHAHA. Because I was too busy jumping around, waving my pentastick like crazy and being a generally wacko fangirl :))))))) But I swear if they come and have a full concert (this didn't even last an hour I swear; it's like WHAAAAT SO SOOOON!) I'd snap up tickets in a beat, because they're such awesome performers :> They totally owned the stage.

And I know she won't read this but I'd like to apologize to the girl in front of me :)))))))) Because I kept waving my pentastick like a madwoman sometimes I didn't even realize it was already in her face :)))))))
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